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The gods of each element have organized a tournament to decide which one has the most powerful followers, thus these warriors are being summoned to take place in this tournament... The conflict awaits you.

Elemental Fight is a 2.5D Fighting game where the stage of battle is constantly changing!. Each stage has an element associated. Furthermore, every character controls two elements and have advantages while fighting in stages with that element. In this game you and your opponent decide the rotation of the stages for the battle. Therefore, you must choose strategically on which stages you want to play and the rotation order of them in order to gain advantage over your opponent.

Key Features
Element system complete and balanced.
Self training AI.
Arcade System with scoreboard.
Combo suggester system.

Online Multiplayer and ladder.
More characters.
Story Mode.
And many others...

Take part in the development of this games as our developers will be constantly streaming while working in their twitch channels.



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